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  • Traverro Harden

    Senior Instructor

    Traverro Harden

    I am the full-time Chief Administrator and Lead Educator for my family's homeschool, the Djehuti Institute. Homeschooling 4 children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old keeps my mental gears whirring and my iron sharp! I started our family company, Homeschooling While Black, as an answer to the lack of information on how many Black families worldwide were achieving homeschool success. As a homeschool veteran and published author, I aim to promote and support homeschooling as an alternative education option to African people of the diaspora worldwide. I hold a Bachelors of Arts (2001) from Purdue University as well as a Masters in Public Health (2013) from Walden University. I am the author of 2 books (1) "Homeschooling While Black: Our Family's Journey to Consciously & Purposefully Education our Black Children" (2018) available on Amazon. And my very first book, "Black, Female, & Rising: The Black Woman's Starter Kit to Get Your Mind Right About Your Money" (2014) available on Author House and Amazon. Share in our family's homeschooling journey at